Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A strange moment !

                              A super single seater plane..Wouldn't it be great!

                       Google street view in Dublin

       Say hello to Alice my cat psychologist!

I love Magic,now you see it now you don't !
Today I brought an American couple to the airport, right into the Avis car rental area.
I took the credit card payment and as I finished I turned around to discover that I was boxed in by 2 courtesy coaches. 2 people came over to the driver of one of the coaches and asked her how to get to the city center. I said that I could take them as soon as the coach moved. The husband said that they would go to the terminal. "There will be a queue"was all I could say the driver knew that the queue for taxis would take them 20 min..
As the coach moved off an Irish lady asked me if I would drive them to the terninal.
At this point she had muscled in on the people going into the city center. Its no problem.I said
My husband will be along in a minute.
No worries I said the meter is not running.
The husband duly arrived and we set off.
"This gentleman kindly agreed to bring us to the terminal free !!"
Said the wife

Where did you get that idea from?
I said that the meter was not turned on while your husband was coming to join us,
OK says the husband we will wait for the next coach.

Do you explode and demand the amount on the meter.
No you allow them to get and wish them a good day and allow "GOOD KARMA" to take hold.
7 minutes later the HailO app gave me a job to the O2  Going to Bob Dylan..

He will know by now that Bob was absolute shite !
I couldn't tell him as he had never seen him live.

But he was in my taxi before.....A millionaire computer whizzz kid.
He works between New York and Dublin, but complains that he cannot find the skilled staff he needs because he has to compete against Google and Yahoo to get good staff.
Google and Yahoo do not offer staff JOBS just 6 month or 11 month contracts OK but not real jobs.
If he took on staff and nurtured them a bit he would really FLY !

He knows people that I know and the conversation was really good.

So if the first job into town, or the second job into the terminal would have worked out I would have never have met my Whiz kid again.

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