Wednesday, June 04, 2014

No law and no order.

Just to show you how mad things are in Ireland.
A guy was sent to prison for stealing pizzas, but that is not all.
In 2006 he was sentenced to 8 years for with 5 years suspended for killing a 20 year old man.
In the paper it said that a judge now suspended 2 years of a further 3 year sentence.
The guy a Mr Walsh has 58 previous convictions and he was also found guilty of robbing a taxi driver and hi-jacking a taxi in December 2012.

Last night at 10 PM a woman was killed while crossing the road at Goldenbridge Luas station.
The car did not stop. With scumbags like him above on the loose it is no surprise. Someone has been taken in for questioning in this instance.
Perhaps if some of these judges experienced crime at the hands of these thugs they might waken up and punish them properly.
2 serious cases was thrown out of court recently involving child pornography. One the name "Crow St." was spelled as "Crowe St." and the other was thrown out as the Garda had not examined the computer in question.
You would think in this day and age an "expert" could be brought in to do the forensics for a minor cost. 
One of the cases was at level 3 involving children being abused! 

The other day I picked up a traveler beauty queen she was around 20 years old off to visit her boyfriend in Clover hill prison.
Everyone in her family seemed to be in prison..               
Her boyfriend,her father and her brother plus 2 cousins. who were in jail for something they didn't do.
"They didn't make a getaway"
The run came to  €13 and she told me how she was charged €25 for the same trip a few weeks ago, then she was locked in the car until she paid. 
So she ranted on.

What to do?
Turn your phone on to video and discreetly film him and his ID and then his roof sign and numberplate when you get out.

Then contact the taxi regulator. 
But I am sure that they will do nothing either !

So I have a visitor coming from Australia, house cleaned from top to bottom.
But they have missed the ferry from Holyhead so they will be here in the morning.
Its 45 years at least since I put eyes on him.
I bet he has changed.

Do you remember the big fight on the Luas?

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