Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quick trip to London

        A beautiful dawn on Dublin bay

      12 Stephenson way, home to the Magic circle..Beside Euston
                              Euston station, London to Dublin by train and boat.

                                        George Stephenson inventor of the first steam engine..

       In Holyhead. Metal chairs wait for weary passengers going to the boat, they will break your back!

                                 Heading from the port to the town of Holyhead

Today I returned to Dublin from London. I flew over in the morning and came back on the boat.
God it was hot over there.
I went to London to look at second hand Toyota Prius cars, the spec in the UK is much better than the cars here. I had phone numbers but nothing clicked for me.
So I headed into the city center to Victoria and onward to Euston station via London in a black cab...3 1/2 years it took our driver to do the knowledge,

 and then we talked about the big row with HailO which is now called FadeO as the drivers have removed the stickers and deleted the apps click here.
Next big problem will be Uber.
But London has a much lower level of taxis so there is more work to  go around..But you should have seen the cabs ranked back by as much as 200 yards at Euston.

On the ferry there were loads of Polish lorry drivers in a big gang, all talking shop and preparing for the day ahead.
There was a guy on the train with a black tie on, he had it outside the back of his shirt.
"Funeral? " I said, yes me dad he died at 3 o'clock today . So I said a few words.

You know no one can afford what you have to pay for a last minute flight.
This poor boy, going home alone linked up with a few guys on the crossing who put him on the bus and train home.
You would hope that he would find some peace when he gets home.

I had a huge row with a taxi driver in Dublin port about over charging, I will not be told my job so the asshole was left standing at the rank while I went home in a different car.
The honest driver even got a €3.20 tip.
More about that later.

Another time

She was very quiet getting in.....................Something on her mind.
We were passing McDonalds and I said to my Russian passenger that Old McDonald is doing really well since he sold his farm.

"I don't understand"

So I sang a few verses.She never knew the song. She made some of the noises and I earned a €5 tip.

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