Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sand Sculptures Dublin Castle

                              Good old Molly Malone is back in town

I dropped into the (Dublin) castle yard and saw that the construction of the sand sculptures is progressing nicely..
Go in and take a look it is free as well.
I spotted Molly Malones statue the other day, some feminist asshole threw red paint over her to make a point perhaps they were jealous of her assets.

A school teacher going to Foxrock from Drumcondra for a job interview, yes indeed and the shops are full of back to school bargains.
151 shopping days until Christmas That website will also break it down to Hours Minutes and seconds

Business is good,drivers are on holiday and Dublin is full of tourists,cruise ships are coming is 2 or 3 a week.
The weather has been brilliant.
While I passed through England on the train you could see that the hearvest is well advanced.

I see that Ireland abstained  in a vote on Gaza! Who do theese assholes represent?
Thousands of Irish people have protested on this matter and our leaders abstain.

Traffic is hectic with the Luas cross city work look at the map here

To really make a differance they should bring a rail link to the airport !
A simple spur line on the Luas near Malahide,cross country work, zip into town every 20 minutes.
This would free up hundreds of Taxis at the airport.

One of my mates was caught in a smash a few months ago.Going along the Quays at the SamBeckett bridge a guy went through the red light and wrote off his car,he then complained of whiplash as well..Telling my mate he had brokn the red light ! Police were called and just as they arrived my mate got a tap on the shoulder from another taxi driver who was driving behind the real guy who broke the lights.
''Here is my number bud and my passingers number as well. I have it all on video from my dash cam''.

Faced with this evedence his whiplash got better and he was convicted for dangerous driving..

I bought one myself it is in my sons house in Northern Ireland (Free delivery no customs charges)
I should have footage soon.
I don't know if you have ever listened to this guy,he is great and very deep,

You need to have high standards for taxi drivers.

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