Tuesday, December 02, 2014


                  Christmas decorations in the Pebble beach pub
                                    Big shoes and little shoes
 Our latest project is a fuel efficient stove, It really puts out the heat.

Well it won't belong now until the big day.
On Monday we had our special Christmas dinner....It went well.
You see we are expecting a new baby into the family and the baby is due just after Christmas,so that there would be no excitement on the 24th we moved the day forward.

Christmas might come early for 2 Filipino women who worked for the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates.They worked 15 hours a day for €2 an hour or €170 per month, no days off.
They got 2 breaks per day 15 minutes for breakfast and 45 minutes for dinner..
Starting at 6.30 and finishing at 12.30 am they have not seen their family for more than 2 years.
Passports taken away, they were locked in.
They have been awarded €240,000

but the ambassador claims

 "Diplomatic immunity"

Guess what ?
He has been called into the headmasters office for a quiet word back home..

Alas this kind of thing happens more often than you might think.

It is getting colder by the day though the sun in the morning is terrific.

People are getting resigned to the fact that they cannot stop Christmas happening so they are getting on with life..
Unfortunately on Monday a homeless man died in a doorway right beside our parliament buildings which brings the whole topic of drugs people on the streets and the desperate plight of our homeless..

I am sure that all the people who are homeless never were involved in property speculation,you would find it hard to find one on the streets who was dealing in stocks and shares and fiddling the odds.
Few if any people living on the streets caused this economic downfall.

Yet the bankers are living the high life in the Bahamas..

I will let this guy speak again

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