Monday, November 24, 2014

Men in red suits

 Mens health !Keep it in mind.
                                 Men in red suits.

Such a dawn to start your week.

Just so you know !
There is an email going around called  

"Black Muslim in the white house"

It is a nasty virus which will destroy your hard drive.
Do not open it put it into Trash  then empty the trash.

Well there I was with a good job going from Clontarf to the Red Cow when my meter went blank !
I hit it and the numbers came up again. Then on my second job the screen went again, this time just 77777777 across the screen...Down to Robinsons......the meter man
"You need a new meter"
So the car is in for a bit of work...

Strange thing happened yesterday.
Going down a hill with a bicycle coming behind me. I was turning right and he tried to overtake on the outside...There was a string of curses and the last thing I heard was "I know where you live you bastard"
So this morning when I got up to go out the back left lens on the car was broken....This is a complete unit and will cost around €200...Its getting hard to make ends meet.
Perhaps I am getting paranoid but the plants at the front of the house were knocked over the next day..

Christmas time you must get your chimneys cleaned. So a guy was recommended and he came on a bicycle, a bit short of equipment, the last sweep that came had covers vacuum cleaner and screens. I was away and my wife asked him if she should cover the furniture. "I'm not bleeden Mary Poppins" was his reply.
Well Mary Poppins put soot everywhere, from the sitting room to the hall. Just run your hand along the furniture and your fingers were black..
What a Disaster!
There was no badness in him...He is just a hopeless fool.

One thing that I do is to find little ways to make life better for yourself,a cheaper car to run, a car that won't break down and a way to tell people you are Free
I bought a flashing sign For Hire but the LED's kept blowing.
The first week I had it it paid for itself though.

The next time you are standing at the roadside try to see if the car coming towards you has passengers in it or not, the sign gives you the edge.
Yesterday 3 guys stopped me outside a hotel, there was a taxi parked on the footpath in front (illegally) But  because I was marked clearly as for hire I got the job.
They had done the fireworks before the rugby match... Nice lads

Like Paul Daniels said "you make your own luck, and the more you practice the luckier you get."

I am hoping for a days work tomorrow, not a day of stoppages.

Monday worked well

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