Saturday, April 04, 2015

Beautiful day

Heading into Easter 2015 and big plans are being pit in place for Easter 2016.
You see it was at Easter time 1916 that our political troubles with England came to  a head and a revolution happened.
The result in a nutshell is the southern part of our island became the Irish free state and the northern part of the Island became Northern Ireland (UK).
Ever since then we have have had civil unrest, with IRA. UDA. UFF and many other factions who placed bombs in shopping areas in Ireland and the UK  killing men women and children.
Finally when we were all completely sick of it all, the masked men were brought to the table and they put down the guns.
It really took a great effort on behalf of Bertie Ahern, Albert Reynolds. Bill Clinton and George Mitchell from the USA to negotiate with them.

I am not going into a history lesson but you cannot go forwards looking into the rear view mirror.

Multi denominational church services through the land where parishes are united and we pray for the dead on both sides would be fantastic.

The money saved from all the planned events should be used to build a new childrens hospital.

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