Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Cherry blossom time

 A sure sign of Summer, boats being lifted back into the bay.
Cherry blossom time.

As I admired this tree, looking up at the blossoms and at the hundreds of bees collecting nectar a local couple were passing.
"Look at the fantastic blossom, listen to the bees, isn't it fantastic" I said.

When they stopped They were truly amazed by the activity among the blossoms and they told me that they had lived in this square of houses where this tree is for 4 years and never noticed the blossoms before.
The lady was very petite (Hardly 5ft.) and very exotic. I had spoken to her once before at the bus stop. So I had to ask again where she came from. Patagonia  came the answer.
I looked it up on Google and it is on the very bottom of South America shares borders with Argentina and Chile..Google also said that the native Indians were very tall and had very big feet. The name Patagonia comes from that,

People are built in proportion you know a man with big feet will have a big what ?
(Guess? answer at the end of the page)

By the way there is a man in Tokyo who reads this blog, he went to Trinity College in his youth and loves to see the photos of changing Dublin. He wrote to me once and said that in Japan they take buses out of the city's to see the cherry blossom, to sit under the trees and return to nature.I wonder if he still looks in

The world and his wife are away today, I had a near miss on Friday, 6 minutes waiting.
Then off to the Airport, €6 into the journey and out it came "Fuck ! Stop! Passport"
So back to square one and this gent who is all engrossed in his phone starts directing me,
Down Griffeth Ave. to Whitehall and out the old Swords Rd.
Traffic was light enough, but instead of going the motorway which is longer I always head out through Santry.
For 3 reasons it is better
Bus lane all the way.
It is shorter.
If there is a pile up you can divert which you can't do on the motorway.

My idiot passenger exploded. Stay on the bloody motorway !  So I went back down the slip road and took the long way.
Going to Berlin he was, for the weekend.
No Thanks or Tip.
I didn't say it but I thought it.
"I hope you have a wonderful break in Berlin Herr Hitler"
One consolation is that he has to put up with himself all the time..
 I only have him for 1/2 an hour

How minor all that is compared to an incident in the Pheonix park over the weekend.
While the sun shone thousands of people converged on the zoo and the Pheonix park.
A youth killed a 22 month child of a Polish couple and drove off,
They caught the driver later and he has been charged.

I cannot imagine they much they are suffering over something like that.
If you have the ear of any God ask him to grant them peace.

It really brings it home how trivial a grumpy morons attitude is in comparison to what is going on in the rest of the world.

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