Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Phil Lynott 30 years gone

 Don't forget to buy your ticket for the "Vibe for Philo" concert 30 years on.
                                                        Trinity college

                A lion a tiger and a Jaguar.

Here is a story from the Irish Times (click it)It concerns a lady who was in my taxi.
She filled me in on her ongoing battle with her husband in the High court.
His previous partner had walked away from him with nothing fearing the battle.
Now she has fought tooth and nail, he has spent €800,000 on court proceedings. She now has a barring order against him. 
The war will continue.

In Dublin a few years ago we had 2 profoundly handicapped boys living in Dublin.
Christopher Nolan would sit and stare at the world while the "experts"said he was not capable of rational thought . Then he was given a drug which relaxed his muscles and boy did he start to write.
His poems have won many awards."Damburst of dreams"and "Under the eye of the clock"

Davern Hannahs (link) parents were told that he was not viable but his poetry was better than anything I could ever write for sure.I used to work with Jack Hannah a very intelligent man.

Yes folks how would you like to be a prisoner inside your own body unable to make yourself understood and unable to help yourself in any way.

So stop moaning for a while and help others.

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