Monday, December 07, 2015

A reality check for me

                                                                      Westbury hotel

Well Christmas is well and truly here. Greed, shopping and very little of the 
 real message of peace, goodwill to all men.

Whenever I get complacent about things I get a good kick in the arse from the man above
Yes even taxi drivers take things for granted and become grumpy, customers not coming out and cancelling after 4 minutes, little things like that.

Well last Friday I was humbled by what I saw.
A guy waved me down on the Clontarf Rd and there was a girl in a wheelchair beside him.
I jumped out to put the chair in the boot and the man told me that their would be a chair at the other end. He helped a young girl into the back seat and off we went, just me and her.
She was a beautiful young lady but she was profoundly handicapped, every small gesture turned into a big jerk and as I spoke to her desperately trying to decode her answers I was really humbled.
Nothing for me is any effort, picking things up, talking or walking.
Everything I take for granted is for her a battle.
She is really beautiful and I am so grateful that perhaps from now on I will not take my own life for granted.

May God bless you.
A guy in the car dropped a small credit card wallet on Friday and the next person in the car handed it over. There was credit and business cards in it so I sent him a text.
I got a reply soon after.
So then I dropped it back to his office.
No big deal!
Today as I dropped someone off the same man stopped me on the street to thank me, I said it was no trouble but he insisted on giving me €10.
Good man.

Beats the crap out of that doctor who dropped a wallet wit more than £1,500 in Irish and English notes years ago.  He never dropped me the smallest thanks.
One customer told me that this guy doesn't believe in God or Man. One day day you will be passing a shop and see a waving cat in the window and that will be him in the next life.

But one day recently I saw a waving cat and I bought it knowing that it was him in his new life..

Just in case you didn't understand the significance of last weeks post, here is some more.

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