Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Dublin Horse show

The Dublin horse show is on this weekend. The "Horsey people" are here in their thousands.
Bruce Springstein came to cheer on his daughter Jessica who was taking part in the show jumping.

Look at this no bridle. What control !

Judging jumping and best dressed lady.

It is a big occasion in the social calendar.

So as I went around a few different things happened which were out of the usual.
I got a Job on the Hailo system and she rang with special instructions. They were ordering food, When it was ready I had to bring it to them and then they would pay for everything.
The streets were hopping so I told them to place the order and when it was ready ring another taxi to collect it as there is no stopping on Capel St.

Then another call came in and when I reached the spot the app showed my customer was in the middle of the river liffey! I waited and phoned to no avail. At 5 minutes I told a bicycle courier to tell her that I was gone if she turned up..
Then she arrived all smiles and not rising from the river.

The difference in people is amazing . I have often said that you would never believe that different people were the same  species of animal.
So it came to pass that a couple who were both ill flagged me down on Parliament St.
One day if I am lucky I might reach old age myself so I like to give a hand when I can.
They had both worked for Amnesty International helping dispossessed people
It was a short journey he was very feeble and we had to stop at a pharmacy for medication,
it was for his arthritis."It costs €1,700 a month and it is working. I hope to God the government continues to pay"he said. At journeys end there was €14.40 on the meter"Just give me €10" I said
"Here  take €15 it would be better"

I God was doing her job it would be the robbing and child molesting people who would be suffering from all these debilating and painful sicknesses.

Ah well that's life

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