Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Work came and went again

                        Near to Gibson hotel
                                      From the Sunday Times, its the fat cats that crushed us.
                                          Rock'n Roll skirts.

Well folks we had a huge convention of Jehovah witnesses in City West, last weekend then we had Marley Park with Codaline and Stone Roses.
And if that was not enough we had Beyonce singing in Croke Park.
Most of the taxi drivers paid their mortgages this month for sure.

Things can go from idle to flat out for the rest of the day.
Which is great.
You are like a ball in a pinball machine.
The other day I was coming home when I got job after job and it took me 2 extra hours to make it home.
Among the ones I picked up was a homeless character.
She lives in a local hotel with her kids and 30+ other familys.
They get a cereal breakfast and are expected to live on take away food for the rest of the day.
She is well connected into the criminal families, and I was told that her cousin was shot there and a young lad we brought home had a story."Remember the young lad who was shot in a case of mistaken identity? It was the chap that just got out they were looking for."
She has been in the taxi before but she has a heart of gold and that young lad of hers is as clever as can be he is around 4.

Still living in a hotel and not having a play area cannot be easy.
Putting 36 familys into that situation is no solution either.

Later I stopped for a real angry man from Wicklow who now lives in the USA.
He had a big red beard and loads of tattoos. He raved about many taxis had driven past him.
Look mate I said, you would scare even me except I carry a gun! (I don;t)
He laughed "You don't do you?"
You will never know.

So then there was a great looking French girl called Linda Carbore, she was a singer it turned out, off to rehearsals and she told me to look her up on Facebook whatever that is.

I bought a credit card reader just over a year ago and it stopped working,so I rang Payleven.
It was not taking a charge and I had tried 3 different leads.
His conclusion shocks me still.
"Its over a year old, out of warranty. Throw it in the bin"
So I went to Andrew my Chinese hi tec guy.
He fixes mobiles, computers and other techi stuff.

"John there is a piece of dirt stuck in the charging port"

God bless Andrew (Internet shop at the bottom of Phillipsburgh Ave)

Insurance rises have become a crisis in the industry.
Drivers without a claim are being asked for more than €1,000 more than last year.
One driver was told that the increase was for claims about flood damage.

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  1. Great stories. I liked the one about the guy with tattoos, I guess you gave him something to think about.