Sunday, August 07, 2016

Everything on video !

 A stag group dressed as sheep arrive in Dublin
 An Irish hero on a N.Ireland £5 note
 Apollo 10
   Thia is a RR Merlin engine powerhouse of the British air force in WW 2

A friend of mine has a video camera in his taxi, just in case.
Well one day on the Clontarf Rd. a cyclist cut off the footpath in to the bus lane and was hit by the door of a car which had pulled up.
The taxi was coming behind and had it all on tape. He gave the details to the other car driver who duly passed over the details to the cyclist.
On seeing the video evidence the cyclist dropped the claim against the other car as he was clearly at fault.

Cars cycles and buses cut through lights, but if a person gets killed it would help get a dangerous driver or cyclist off the road.

So I have decided to get a dash cam, no point in buying the cheaper one it is something I may need to protect my no claims bonus with in future.
Our insurance is going up between €1000 to €1,500 and that is without a claim on your record.
So lets say you could prove that the other car came through on red, your no claims bonus would be intact instead of 50/50.

 Have a look at some of these Irish drivers...

There has been a lot of single car crashes lately, they think drink is a factor.
But I would say it is fatigue that is the main problem, we all work too hard.
In Spain your taxi meter will only work for 5 days running and you must have 2 days off in 7 days also the meter only works for an 8 hour shift, then it stops.

Two pilots were taken from the flight deck of a plane in Scotland (Click here)
They were drunk, a doctor told me that a surgeon in their hospital was stopped with a scalpel in his hand while operating while he was drunk.

This plane landed with the wheels up, the plane was about to burst into flames.
Listen to hear how long it is before the voice of sanity kicks in.
"Leave your bags alone jump out of the plane."

It burst into flames minutes later.

Human error!!!!!!!!!!!111


And now for something completely different.
This is the stat count for the blog last month.


United States
United Kingdom

    It is really strange to have so many Russians on board!

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