Friday, August 19, 2016


Exam results are out.
If you did good Hooray if not don't worry.
Could we judge Picassos inability to do maths to measure him a complete failure.
Or perhaps Vivaldi might not have been good at maths.

Some people who could not read or write went on to found multi million pound businesses.
Other people were excellent at school work and just never progressed.
I knew a guy who was fluent in 16 languages and never did much with his talent.

Still that is life, I chose to fight.His wish was to stand still.

Wonderful people in my taxi at the moment, 2 girls off to Croatia for the weekend.
One got food poising on the day of departure,
That happened me in New York from a deli close to the Empire State..I was dying and at 3am I hobbled out of my bed in the Wellington hotel to an all night shop where a Vietnamese shop keeper gave me medication and told me not to go to places like that ever again.
We talked for 20 minutes and on the way back to the hotel a lady of the night spent some time joking with me. She was not at all pushy, but business was slow and I was funny to her.
We had a good laugh and she asked me to send her a Leprechaun fairy when I got home.
Fair play she was really a good kid.
I went on to a radio show when I was in NY. A show run by John McDonagh an Irish American cab driver.
Here he is ...But note he doesn't use his real name here

I think I gave him 1/2 of my old taxi sign which now hangs in his "Italian" club

The other side hangs in a bar in Boston.

I'm rambling,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and I'm not even dressed for it.



One super confident girl about to buy her first house.
Can you remember that?When you clinched your first deal ?

It is as easy to find a partner as to get the right house.
All the very best of luck to her.

To everyone that is PAYE I wish you well.

But tax for the self employed is one big pain in the ass.

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