Wednesday, September 07, 2016

A bus strike.

          An interesting house in Rathmines
            Balloons for all occasions
           The lake hotel Killarney
                    South wall Dublin harbor
                            I hope you make it to Kerry some day

Taxi drivers make their fortune at other peoples misfortune.

The buses are on strike from 9 PM tonight.

They are off  tomorrow for 48 hours, its tough all right.

But if you lived in France you would know all about strikes.

Today I picked up a Brazilian girl going from James's St to St Vincents hospital a journey of around €20. Brazilian people are always happy and she was no exception, a great talker and a pleasure to be in her company.
Nearing journeys end I asked her if she was a nurse in the hospital, she said no that she was visiting her doctor.
She has had rheumatoid arthritis since she was 9 years old constant pain and stiffness all her life. With no cure in sight.

I have good health and no sign of that changing.

Thank your God for the little things.

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