Thursday, September 29, 2016

Its a hard job and you need to be lucky

 A taxi lies on its side at T1 at the airport.
It will take the driver many months to pay for this.
I hope no one was injured
 The building which stood idle for years rises up to become the new central bank
  A line of cement mixers wait to unload
 Dublin's first big skyscraper rises up from the ground.
Its not even Halloween and they have arrived.
I may be wrong but the shelf space that they occupy could be selling other goods.

As I sit here the negotiations proceed between the bus drivers and CIE whether to go on strike on Saturday or not.
Whether they work or not I see a big solution on the horizon.

Guess what? Privatize the service!
The strike action has been suspended for now.

A very interesting lady in the car who works with film companys she tries to get them to make movies in Ireland and she swung it for Star Wars to be made here.
She knew her stuff all right.
"The problem we have is with electricians and tradesmen going on breaks instead of working to deadlines in cooperation with the movie".
I can help her there as I know a few well qualified lads who lost their shirts in the crash.
She had done the tour of Glassneven cemetery and had a few interesting things to say.
Do you know where the expression "dead lucky" comes from?
A lady in Skibbereen was buried with her jewels and robbers dug her up and when they tried to cut off her finger she woke up!!!!!!!!!!!!11 She was really dead lucky.
Her tombstone says "buried twice died once".

Then "Dead ringer"
People who were afraid of being buried alive would have a bell put into their coffin.
If they woke up the could ring the bell.
Dead ringer.

I wouldn't have minded driving her a bit further.

Here is a video of a guy with mental problems 
John Healey he wrote about his life. He was never paid for the book and threatened to kill the publisher. 
Beatrice Coogan wrote the big wind. She had to take the publisher to court before being paid..Tim Pat Coogan her son told me that the pity was that she never wrote another book, but they were in her.
and here is the film about John Heeley.
Put on the kettle..its good

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