Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A tidy mind

Every day they change the floral display in the Westbury hotel

The boy is back in town. Returned after his last strike by a truck.

The latest all electric vehicle to hit Dublins streets.

An American lady was ringing her husband on Grafton St
"I am a bit lost honey I am standing beside a statue of Michael Jackson on Grafton St,"

So here I am with a very tidy wife.
You go out and when you come back everything has been put away.
Where it goes is a mystery but my bank cards and credit cards have gone...
I need to make a payment to someone of around €6,000 but my card is gone!!!!!
So I should have got an office for sure.
The Garda commissioner has lost her fone too, there are investigations into her telephone activity but the fone is gone..
If you find it

Cruise ships are arriving into Dublin port every day, some with as many as 5,000 passengers.
It is rip off central at the port with some guys scamming the visitors.
I reckon that there is enough honest work around on the streets.
Some guys work the airport where they rob as well.
Why would anyone scam someone like that?
It only kills the business for everyone.

Go to New York and it is a fixed fare to Manhattan.
In Athens and Manchester you pay for your taxi in an office and you give the voucher to the driver.
To make the driver honest.

BA had a huge computer melt down last weekend and I had a wonderful Japanese girl going to London then to Tokyo, I really hope she made it.
If you are stuck in Dublin, be quick....Jump on the high speed ferry.. then by train to London.
In many cases quicker than a plane to make that connection,

HailO has now become Mytaxi which is owned by Mercedes Benz,
Its like they promised us a super duper service and gave us a 1960's Skoda

Really its not working, for drivers or passengers. Very sad indeed

This is far far worse.
A young girl was neglected in her home. Her mother was alcoholic and would abandon the house for days, locking her daughter in her room.
She was rescued by a neighbor and brought to the attention of the powers that be.

It was alleged that she was being sexually abused by 6 men..(A child)
Garda interrogated her without a psychiatrist or child care worker being present.

How could a child answer questions from Garda who themselves had not been trained in child care .

The court case collapsed and they walked..
If it was only in my world this would not happen.

On a lighter note here is Philo.
They are making a film about his life.

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