Friday, June 30, 2017


The original Smart car or Bubble car as it was then

Clontarf Rd where they put in a super cycle track in front of the bus shelter. The bikes could kill you.

Fire drill at Beaumount hospital

Outside the clinic at the 5 lamps, somewhere dry to sleep
 She was looking the other way, I slowed down, then as I was passing she shouted "Taxi"
On a Thursday taxis are needed to bring recipients to post offices to get payments.It used to be called "Dole money" as it was dispensed or doled out like in a soup kitchen. Last week it was a young couple living in a tent on Sandymount strand.This week it was her.
You pass junkies and homeless people every day in Dublins fair city, She had only one eye and for sure she had lived through hard times.She had a special needs child of her own and a niece who is quite badly handicapped. We saw the niece as we reached her destination. She said that her sister abandoned the child at birth and the child was being reared by the grandmother with no help from the state.
I told her about a junkie with a really bright kid of around 4 who I thought had done a runner, as I moved to drive away he came back out of the shop. "What d fuck are you at mate? Im not dishonest, I wouldn't rob you. I'm just sick".
Then he paid me with a  €2tip

If that Euromillions prize of last night was mine I know where most of it would go.
Fr. McVerry and Sister Stan would smile.

Mytaxi sold us a new credit card reader, it works really well, swipes and tap and go etc.
I had a Polish girl in the taxi yesterday and she was about to pay by card and then suddenly she suspected that this was a fraud ! So she kept me waiting while she went into a shop, got cash and then was surprised when the bill was 60c more. As if a big company would produce dodgy equipment.
By the way I got a new cash card the other day and as you remember you have to go to a bank link to start it off and change the code. Well you have the option to allow the touch and go or not.
Why would anyone be foolish enough have the ability on their card to use it without a pin?

One guy with a good banking job woke up for work 2 hours late., As an intern i the bank they had  gone out to celebrate the mid summer and at 3 AM they went to Coppers.
He didn't have his fone on charge and it was dead, so it didn't alarm.
Boys oh boys the smell of drink of him nearly had me drunk when we arrived in Ballsbridge.
I cannot imagine a Polish worker doing that.
The young guy he should learn over the next 10 years....I hope.

From today I am in the process of changing my car,
Meter out Meter in
Wrapper stripped off
New car wrapped
Then have the car passed out and rubber stamped.
2 weeks holiday??????????

Rickshaws have no such problems, no road tax, no insurance, no public liability insurance, no income tax..No worries.


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