Tuesday, September 11, 2018


 Our thoughts go out to the family's of the dead and missing on this day.
Everyone in the world remembers what they were doing when they got the news.
It was an absolute tragedy and still not fully solved.
We cannot forget.
God bless you all, may peace come to you and may you all meet again in the next life.

An old abandoned car takes its last ride

The monument to the Duke of Wellington in the Phoenix Park

A large silo leaves Guinness's. This put the USAs airforce on full alert as they thought they were Scud missiles.

Boys and girls
If you drive a taxi in Dublin this is for you.
The taxi drivers special kids day out is on the 18th of Sept 9 days away and 1,200 kids need to be picked up and brought out Ring 086 3701215 and put down your name.
When you do it and see the smiles on their faces there is no better feeling.
As you drive off in convoy to cheers and smiling faces and when the tourists see what is happening they wave and smile and many of them cry with happiness.

So come on boys and girls take the day off and get a free t shirt and thank your lucky stars for your blessings.
Ring 087 1213344  or 086 3701215 to express your interest.

God I am so lucky with the fantastic people I meet.
Today I met a Nigerian doctor going to Blackrock, she was ebony black and had the brightest eyes and the most beautiful smile you ever saw.
You would just know that all her patients will feel better as soon as she walks over to their bedside.
Sometimes you just know that she is has a really special place in Gods plan.

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  1. Reading this blog reminds me old, good times in Dublin and the brat taxi driver in the wolę world.I hope you're well. Dorothy 😊