Monday, September 03, 2018

Taxes are done now for a short rest.

A                                                   Irish People love Brazilians and they love us.

This is a great idea. Put some fruit into a paper cup, cover it in cling film and put small holes in the cling film with a biro, the fruit flies go in and cannot find their way out. Then you pop it in the compost bin.

A nice new Triton shower SILENT IN OPERATION

Life happens when you look somewhere else for a second.
The swallows are gone, the Barnacle geese are on the move and the kids are all back at school.

Soon the clocks will go back one hour. But not if BIG BROTHER can stop us.
The EU want to impose their rule on us once more. If you are in France  the clocks one hour ahead of Irish time or GMT. Then as you head to America the clock changes again and again.
A few years we left the clocks at summer time and the children had to go to school in the dark. Quite a few children were killed on the roads and the powers that be decided that changing the hour to give us daylight in the mornings was a great idea after all.
Then if the UK leaves the EU we will have to change our clocks as we pass north and south through Ulster.

Some people will go to heaven
Other people just might not
You decide !

4 guys jump into a taxi and at the destination they jumped out and ran off.
The driver looked into the back of the car and saw a passport on the back seat.
So he brought it home and his son found the culprit on facebook.
What do you know he was going on holiday the very next day. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Taking the passport he threw it on the open fire.
"You're going nowhere!"

Now to my way of thinking a quick phone call.
Negotiations could have yielded €100 for the passport.
So the guy could learn his lesson and go on his holiday.

This way no lessons were learned anything.

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