Sunday, May 19, 2019

Another milestone

So my birthday came and went, its really just a number. If you are healthy age is no problem.
I got a right kick on the arse last week when I dropped in to see my plasterer Ray. He had been in hospital but I didn't know for what and he didn't tell me.
I pulled into his street and rang his mobile and I didn't get a reply.
Then a man came to his door and waved for me to come in.
I honestly did not recognize him.
His cheek bone and his jaw bone had been cut away, no way did it look like his real self.
Ray was a heavy smoker in his youth and canser had struck him with utter devestation.
So there are a lot of worse things than putting on another year.

So a story from the time when Punts was money
I got a lady from Heuston station going towards Tallagh
She told me her destination and said nothing else.
Heading towards the Spa well roundabout at the Cheshire home there is a bus stop.
Hiding behind it was a copper of the law A Garda.
He ran out from his hiding place and stopped us.
Why have I stopped you?
I have no idea Garda
What speed were you doing?
I was doing 40 mph
What is the speed limit here ?
40 I said.
I will ask you again
What is the speed limit here ?
Well then it must be 30
If you knew it was 30 why were you doing 40?
I was sure it was 40.
Well I will show you now for sure.

So taking out his note book and pen he started to write down my reg, roof sign number, my driving licence details. Then he spotted that my photo on my faire card was affixed with a paper clip instead of glue.
Puffing up his chest he said
"that's an offense as well.
And for not wearing a seat belt you're getting a £40 fine"he roared at the lady in the back
 Just at that moment it was like an explosion in the car, she screamed at the top of her voice and wailed like a banshee, He jumped back and I stood out of the taxi.
"Quick ! Take that woman home"
I got back in and when she got her breath back she told me what had happened.

"My best friend dropped dead in Kerry and I only found out by chance on the day of the funeral.
I went to the funeral and I was in shock, I couldn't cry all day until that bastard stopped you.
I have some power in my job, so give me your details.

I don't know if she shook his cage but they are still doing it at that spot, so be careful

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