Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Bad tixi drivers !

I still have photo problems, so it is time to get help.

I have been trying to find time to have a haircut, I just let it pass me by until I have started to look like the nutty professor.
In Fairview a new barber opened up so I went in, there were a few men in front of me, soon it would be my turn. All the staff were dressed the same with blue dickie bows, a guy to offer you tea or coffee while you waited. Just before it was my turn the man in front said.
"How much is that?" €18 came the reply. "Heres €20, keep the change!"
I jumped up and said that I was late for an appointment and fled.
My barber is €8 and I give him €12 but there is no way I will pay €18 for a simple dry cut.

I got it cut in Palmerstown for €13

There was a story of a baerber in Clare who was called to a hotel to cut a guests hair.
It turned out to be Linol Richie and they got on so well that he asked him to cut his hair again when he went on his holidays to America.
I had a celebrity hairdresser on my books years ago, actresses, actors and pop singers you name it.
He flew to Paris and NewYork to cut peoples hair, very high fees.
"My fee is no problem, because I'm worth it"

People come into my life and then they just vanish again. This is my world

Today I picked up a woman going to Blanchardstown shopping center and she told me of 2 times that she had been abused by a taxi driver.
Number one at Heuston station  she asked to go to an address in Dublin 8 the driver just said that he didn't know where it was.( A short job and he didn't want to take it)
Another taxi driver verbally abused her at a time when she had just buried her mother.

So boys and girls, turn on your fone to video and sweep it around. Get his ID get his face and a bit of dialogue. When you get out take his number on the door and roof. then get his reg.

Whatever you do don't start making it obvious what you are at
Keep your hand over the screen and hide the glare 
The taxi regulators number is displayed in every taxi. 

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