Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Some rough angels

These murals are on the celling as tou enter the Costa Coffee on Dawsin St 

People pop in and out of my life every day, most are soon forgotten. But today i had a chance meeting that has stayed with me.
I got a fare to the Mater hospital and just as I dropped off a rough enough pair of lads jumped in.
Constitution Hill was the destination.
"Jesus lads give me a clue I've hit a blank"
Turns out that we were all hitting blanks all the time, directions were given and when we arrived I knew where it was.
Now this pair were no ordinary pair, one was very sick and I told the  skelaton one that I wished I could give him 4 stone of weight, then he showed me his colostimy bag and tubes hanging out of him.

They could have been brothers, but they were very close and caring of each other, there was real love there.

One thing that kills me in this job is tipping.
I really don't care if the do or don't, but the people who do are golden.

€8.20 on the meter. "Give us a €5" and they insisted on paying me €10

God bless them the sick one has very little time left on this earth.

MyTaxi the app is changing its name again.
It was Hailo now it will be known as I'm free.
Apps have changed the way we work but today the maps were not placing the people in the correct location, then the job changes itself half way through.
I could send them an email but I don't think they really care about anything but their 12% which they charge the driver.

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