Thursday, July 16, 2020

Starting to return

So back in February/March I took my taxi off the road.
Then the word came out that you have to remove the green stickers from the front and back windows.
Then I wrote a letter to the insurance company to suspend my insurance.
Later on the word came back that your car would need to have a suitability test before going back to work €40 I believe,strange how they believe that the car would have morphed into something it was not 3 months before.
The world is a weird place for sure.
I was caught talking on my mobile phone and took the slap on the hand, I sent back my crediit card details only to get the form back because I had not put my address on the back of the form.

But they knew it !

So a few years ago the Banking system went bang.
The response of the government was to use credit to shore up the banks.
They even took a few grand from my pension, my own money.

They took it.
"In the national interest" was the mantra.

Billions of Euro was borrowed !

My grandchildren will be paying it back.

Here is a clip which has been doing the rounds of the taxi driver forums.

Have a look.

Am I missing something?

Magic is my hobby but I don't think that even David Copperfield could pull off this stunt.


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