Sunday, August 16, 2020

VJ 75

 Yes folks 75 years today is the day the war ended in Japan.

The Japanese were very cruel to the prisoners for sure and the war only ended when the atomic bomb was dropped on 2 cities killing thousands of people.

A tribe of American Navajo Indians has a very unusual language. 

The Japanese were intercepting the radio signals and someone decided to employ them to pass messages along the line.

One Indian would be given the message and he would transmit it to another Navajo who would translate it into English. Each Indian had a "Bodyguard"The purpose of that soldier was to shoot the Indian in case they were overrun. After the war they got no medals or pensions, Mr.Obama did make some overtures to them.. If you are living near Las Vegas load up the truck with food and medical supplies, I hear that the tribe is suffering badly with the Covid.

I read a book once called Knights of Bushido by Lord Russell of Liverpool (Its on Amazon)

It talks about the absolute horrors of the Japanese prisoner of was camps

So I wrote a book "The steering wheel university" by Paul Malone.

Full of stories about people I met.

Here is a story with a strange and wonderful twist from the book.

I tried to get the chapter, but it is encoded.

Sorry about this, I am afraid you will have to buy it as my manuscript has been encrypted and I can't copy it.

I will tell you a bit of the story.

I was securing a garage door for this tall Londoner and I asked him what he did for a living.

He asked me to guess, after a while he told me this wonderful tale about how he had been held in a prisoner of war in a camp by the Japanese, the suffering and savagery. He was around 6 ft tall when I met him and he told me that he was only 4 or 5 st weight when he was rescued.

One man who was a medical doctor told him that he had to forgive the Japanese soldiers, if he could do that his body could recover.

Oh go on get the book, its a great story!

He was a really lucky guy.

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