Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Where to ?

Where to? 

That question might just take you both to a destination, on the other hand it might take you on a trip of a lifetime.

He asked me what I was thinking about?

I said that a customer had told me that the worst thing that you could do in life is not to make a decision.

When you commit yourself to do something you could be wrong, or you could be right.

But you must decide ! Its not going to be easy.

God man. That is what has started me on the journey I am on now.

He said he worked for a NGO in Africa, things were really bad there.

I ran a school which had a clinic attached and some sleeping quarters.

Things were very tense when around 2am a screaming truck convoy pulled up and a friendly Wicklow voice called out into the night sky.. Express delivery! and he dumped 10 bags of grain on the forecourt and drove away.

We dragged the bags into a storeroom and the next day there was an air of expectation in the school.

We discussed how best to give out the grain, the time passed on and the pupils were getting very tense zbout the delsy, they needed the food.

Finally we decided to give each pupil around 2 kilos of grain each.

We opened the first sack and we were totally smitten by what we saw.

Weevils had turned the grain to dust.

All the grain had been wasted..

We burned the wasted grain and I threw myself at the mercy of my pupils.

I said how sorry I was and I swore to heaven that I would make it better for everyone somehow.

God had a bigger plan for me and now it is all coming to a head on this very week.

The organization that I worked for is corrupt and when I asked them to investigate themselves I was sacked.

But I asked other people to help me and though they told me that I was mad they helped.

There were doctors in charge of hospitals who would demand that female staff would have sex with them so that they could hold on to their jobs.

Others who would groom girls as young as 12 years old for sex.

Almost everyone I turned to refused to help, except for a few.

The gathering of the information was difficult yet piece by piece we got there.

Records of the NGO have been exposed where my requests for help were denied.

A Jewish law firm in New York joined the chase and got injunctions and managed to turn the big guns around from pointing at me me to point directly at them. 

God bless that Jewish man, he saw a parallel between what had happened to the Jews in WW2.

By the time it came to court we had truckloads of evidence.

The big celebrates who we had approached in the early days resigned with great haste

 "We had no idea that anything like that was happening" 

We had letters which showed that they had been unwilling to help us when asked.

Once there was a very heavy death toll in Goa and celebrities arrived to have a photo shoot. 

They stayed in a 5 star hotel and were brought to the camp for a photo shoot, after an hour they drove away in their air conditioned SUVs

And the conclusion of the trial?

Funding was withdrawn from the NGO.

Hundreds of $millions.


You see he turned that non decision back then and it gave him the courage for the hardest fight of his life.

Then he won his court case.


Google Oxfam loses funding!

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