Sunday, September 20, 2020

We are in lockdown.

 Things are not getting better here in Ireland and we are in total lockdown again.

I went to the trouble of getting my taxi licence passed out. 

But I cannot work because my wife is not well and my daughter in law is high risk.

Imagine what would happen if I brought home the virus ?

Many years ago I was in South Shields near Newcastle where I saw something really strange. 

There was groups of kids from 8 years old to 20 going around in gangs. 

No adults were questioning them, they just went on their own way.

Later in the pub I asked a man who was sitting there what was going on ?

"Their parents don't work, no one on the street where they live work. 

We are totally devastated here by the work recession, there is no work for any people in Newcastle. 

The only thing for anyone to do is to join the army and go to fight in Iraq"

He pointed down the bar and told me that they were once all employed in ship building but now the only one working was the lad at the end who was a postman.All the women are mad about him .

On the Monday as I was passing back to head for the airport I saw a young man aged around 18 coming out of the army recruitment office, you could see by his look what he had done. 

Job done. You could see it all by his expression. 

He had done it. He had joined the army.

I often think of him and hope that God kept an eye out for him.

I had a man in the car who was a wine salesman from Newcastle who was now living in France.

He had observed the same decline and had emigrated to a more stable society.

Often the signs are there except that you don't recognize them.

So I took the bus and tram in to join the Taxi protest last Tuesday.

Abbey St. O'Connell St area is a magnet for beggars, Junkies and down and outs.

Outside a shop sitting on the footpath  on Dublins main thoroughfare there was a young man aged around 16 with a girl aged only around 14 with loads of makeup on. I would say that she was no more than 15. 

A pal of the lad came up.

"Ah there ya are, Jesus she's lovely, I am nearly getting a hard on looking at her, you're going to make a fortune with her"

So there you have it! 

He was pimping this kid for drug money and the world closes a blind eye to it all.

We need a Police to Police the Police.

2 RCMP Canadian Police officers were in the taxi one of them was "Special investigations".

She would be brought into a precinct as a rookie on special assignment. Over time she would take information from the computers, tap the telephones and do a complete sweep of all the information, then she would vanish and the big brass would pounce.

She had one ace up her sleeve if she should need it, she had a very high rank, up to divisional commander. 

Some rookie !

They were lesbians and the RCMP had done their very best to split them up.

But now they were married. 

They gave me a bottle opener with the Canadian flag on it, which I still have.



A couple of thousand taxis turned up, a few speeches were made.

But our national broadcaster did not even mention it!

Censorship at its finest.


Once I saw a guy groping a mentally handicapped girl that he was escorting  back to her hostel on foot.

I tried to get help for her from the hospital, but was fobbed off, the Garda told me "Unless we actually see him do that, 2 garda see it there is nothing we can do!"You mean you can't even come down now" I said. "No"

They caught a person sexually abusing patients in a facility in Palmerstown last year, perhaps it was my man.

Still if one whiff of a sexual predator working in a hospital for mentally handicapped people came to my ear I would act straight away if I had the power.

I have a letter in my folder them the Garda commissioners office I asked them was it because she was mentally handicapped that they did not help?

The letter says that they would be contacting me about the matter. The letter is 3 months old.

You would love to be able to confront the people who are not doing their job and then when their boss says that they knew nothing about this that you could produce times dates and recorded conversations.

Last week I read in a news feed that  A garda superintendent, a sergeant and a garda were arrested for corruption, no newspapers or radio station reported it

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