Wednesday, March 03, 2021

This must be what prison is like

I am being lined up for my shot next month and I hope they put a big rubber stamp on my forehead which says "clear to travel"although I doubt it.

The ing things are progressing Painting, Cleaning, Gardening etc. 

YouTube and Netflix are keeping me occupied as well. 

Hard on poor me ,but imagine single people living alone. 

One thing that is getting my blood to boil is the new advertisements on the radio 

"Seniors money"

Borrow money on your house and have a holiday,enjoy yourself and the bank will own your house in a few short years, your kids might even have to pay some of the money back.

One passenger who I had in the car gave me great advice on money.

"Live on what you have, don't buy a fancy car with big repayments. Buy what you can for cash with no loan. Be polite and listen to people. A good idea will pass you at least every month, grab it and use it yourself." 

I had no idea who he was at the time but I was driving him to a press conference where he had to declare that he was the person behind a charitable foundation called Atlantic Philanthropies. Mr Obama had brought out a law to find who was giving donations to rival political parties If you donated more than $50,000 anomalously you had to declare who you were and what your donations were. 

Well the remarkable Chuck Feeney had donated $8 Billion of his own money to help people all around the world. How did he make his money ? Since you asked he had a good idea, a simple idea. He invented duty free shopping DFS 

You can read about him in my book "The steering wheel university" By Paul Malone

Or a fuller account called "The billionaire who wasn't" By Connor O'Cleary

You can buy both books on Amazon 

 He is one person who has lifted my life for sure.

It is an awful pity that there is not 100 more people like him,

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