Friday, March 26, 2021

Spring forward

So on Sunday the clocks spring forward one hour and we will have Summertime.

The EU wants to stop this habit, but it would effect us badly especially in winter time with the kids having to go to school in the dark mornings.

Still it is best to enjoy the promise of wonderful weather.

I haad to put on my plumbers hat when I got a call."John come quick,Gas leak"

It turned out to be a leaking water pipe under the floor, hissing like an angry snake.

I had to make 4 visits to plumber supply places and I can tell you the plumbers are all busy men. Plumbing is a tricky trade and good plumbers are hard enough to find.  

A customer told me that they had a big problem with little or no hot water, loads of tradesmen came and went. She met this lad who happened to be a plumber and he was collecting her to go on a date. The dad told the lad about the hot water problem.

It is one of 2 things which are easily fixed. If it is what I think it is it will cost £2 in parts.

It was a very simple solution. The water pressure coming in was pushing  the hot water back up the pipe through a faulty mixer tap in the kitchen. 

The solution was a one way valve on the hot water pipe to stop the cold water.

Everything is easy when you know how for sure.

She also told me that her Dad told her to marry the plumber, but she married a doctor.

Years later she was in a bar in Spain when she met her plumber once more. He was retired and had a villa in Spain where he spent his winters. She said that he looked great.

Regrets she had a few.

We have been blessed that so many wonderful people have come to Ireland,in Kellys of Springarden St there is a tall girl from Georgia working there with the most wonderful voice. I told her that she should be reading the radio news in the morning. Everyone would be going about their day with a big smile on their faces thanks to her voice. 

God bless the beautiful women from Poland and Brazil as well

Anyhoo (As they say in Canada) it might be a good idea for you to take up an online study in something, keep your mind active 

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