Friday, January 21, 2022

Murder most fowl again.

 A poor unfortunate music teacher out for a jog after school was attacked and in murdered in broad daylight.

The Garda have him (We hope).But people do not feel safe especially women.

OK Enough doom and gloom. 

I did a few mornings, it was slow VERY slow, but I am healthy in mind and body so I will keep going.

On the brighter side restrictions are being relaxed and we can creep out from our hiding places once more.

The Blackpool magicians convention is a go. 150 Magic dealers and scores of the Worlds top magic names.

A few years ago I met up with this well dressed American magician and we talked for a while. He suggested that we stop for coffee, so we sat at a table and after 10 minutes this fantastic looking woman came over (Kiss Kiss) and sat down, then a second one even more beautiful. Then a third. Wow

I had to ask him what his Cologne was called? Why do you ask he said?

Its attracting the women like bees to the honey jar.

No John you don't understand I am Franz Hirrari and these are my showgirls.

In the trade showgirls are known as box jumpers.

A joke I heard a few years ago about Las Vegas.

A guy and his wife went there to celebrate.

They were going to walk along the strip and go for a meal.

His wife was very slow getting changed so he said that he would meet her at the entrance. 

On leaving the lobby he met a Goddess of a woman with an over exadurated bust and make up that would put any woman to shame,she caught his glance and she came over.

"What do You think honey ? Would you like to have some fun for$200 ?"

Sorry that is too much.

"Well give me an offer and we might do something"

$50 is what I would spend.

She stuck out her ample chest and said. This you will never get this for $50 and off she goes.

As they were coming home after dinner they meet again and the Lady looking at his wife says


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