Sunday, January 30, 2022

Sunday Bloody Sunday

 If you are Irish you will remember this day 50 years ago when a protest march of unarmed people were met by a group of British Paratroopers who without warning opened fire and killed 14 people.

In the British way no one was punished.

They had inquiries and one line which sticks in my mind was that the soldiers were 

"bordering on the reckless" 

Things like this prolong the pain for their relations who lived on.

Though the term Bloody Sunday came from 1920 when a football match was taking place in Croke Park.

A couple of Armored cars came on to the pitch. Facing the crowd who were now silent the opened fire with a hail of bullets.

That was in retaliation for a nights work from Micheal Collins.

The British had sent in an elite group of assassins into Dublin. 

Their purpose was to take out all the IRA leaders in one night. Micheal Collins and his gang killed them all in one night. 

So the Brits opened fire on the crowd at the match.

A man from India asked me if I had ever heard of the Vallanwala  Bagh massacre

In India Apr 19 1919 The soldiers opened fire as the people fled, some jumped into a well to escape. The soldiers came over and shot the people in the well. The British said that 350 people were killed.

The Indian government said that it was over 1.000 people who were killed,

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