Monday, April 04, 2022

Caught myself out !

 Hello folks, nice of you to pop around. Did you get caught by an April fool gag? I fooled myself!!!

I went up to visit our baby granddaughter in N.Ireland the day before. Our roof signs are detachable and it is a 4 hour drive up and back so I took off the roof sign and put it in the dining room. There was a bit of frost on the windscreen in the morning which I scraped off and away I went, I noticed one or two punters putting out their hands and taking them back down again, I thought nothing of it. Then I got a job from Bolt and the customer seemed a bit reluctant to get in.

I got another 2 bolt jobs with the same hesitation before they got in. Then the bombshell came. Where is your roof sign? Back at home came the answer. But the final customer was easy with the situation, he was a part time actor, so I filled in the rest of the trip talking about what a great playwright Arthur Miller was. As it turned out the customer had acted in the Crucible. Arthur was never happy with his work, he kept changing and re writing again and again. I probably told you about picking up a guy at the Abbey theater once and I was raving about View from a bridge which I had seen a few months before. I was ecstatic about how good it was. Then he said "Thanks be to God that you liked it. I am Joe Dowling I directed it" I got a €10 tip as well.

Praise from someone who dosent know is true praise indeed.

Still when you see a great play done well there is nothing better, or a song well sung, done badly there is nothing worse as you sitting there knows knowing how great it could be.

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