Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Spring Forward Fall Back

 They tell me now that this is the last time that the clocks will change for sure, but I think that once upon a time they tried this before and children were killed walking to school in the dark.

When this time comes around I think of something which happened many years ago.

I pulled up at the Hilton on Earlsfort Terrace one Sunday morning and started to read the paper.

After a few minutes the concierge started to blow his whistle like a madman. I drove forward and he threw their suitcase into the boot and slammed it shut, an English couple jumped in and the woman shouted "Airport". Really loud with no please or thank you.

As I was 10 minutes into the journey the woman shouted "Why are we going round the houses? I didn't ask for a sight seeing tour" I assured her that this was the correct route and continued.

They were arguing like 2 dogs growling at each other.

Plan B is to turn the car off the main drag and kick them out, but I didn't

At the airport drop off point I had their change in my hand ready.

"I hope that you have given yourself enough time?" I said

"What ya taking about you stupid cunt" he replied.

The clocks ! They went forward an hour last night.

You could see his face change as I smiled that Karma had struck a blow for free speech.

With fancy phones everyone is on the ball, though it takes a while to adjust.

A quick tip for the wise. You buy a new washing machine 3 years warranty.

Great then after 2 years it breaks down and you go for the receipt.

 Wow it is just a blank piece of paper. 

If you still have the credit card receipt ?  Great 

If not you would wish that you had photo copied the receipt when it was fresh which is what I do.

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