Monday, November 21, 2022

Panic at Twitter and Google

The other day it was so sad to see workers of Google and Meta loose their jobs.

I saw chains of people moving the contents of their friends apartment down the road to another apartment.

They are just kids with no parents to guide them, never having lost a job like this they are in a panic,I really feel for them. Imagine that you are working remotely just to turn on your computer to find that it has been wiped remotely and your job is gone.

Shocking beyond words.

Years ago I had a guy going to the airport, to the VIP area,

Are you meeting someone? I asked. No he said why do you ask?

No luggage, If you are meeting someone it would be a run back into town.No everything I need is on the plane.

He said he was starting a company in Dublin and he wanted office space for 1,000 workers to start.

I suggested 5 offices of 200 well linked together. I knew of a commercial property company which could help him.

But he would have to build. I never give my personal number, I just gave him a wrong number.

So what do you make in your company of 1000 people to start off with?

We make nothing John. We sell information. You are spies I said. He laughed as we pulled into the VIP area. 

What is the name of your company I asked.

Google he said. I never heard of it. But you will he said as he walked to his jet.

He was as polite as anyone, many of his minions they would ignore you when they get into the taxi.

They might even tell you to shut up.

Its a pity that I didn't take his number.

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  1. Another great example of what you may learn from a passenger if you're curious and willing to communicate.