Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Got my taxi taxed !

The motor taxation office has been closed for the last few years and there is very little information.

One of the lads noticed that my car was not taxed and he told me to go on line and do it,

So I found a number and I told the lady what I needed. She made an appointment for 10.00am.

So in I went by bus and tram. A half hour later all my papers were stamped and in order.

I gave the number to a bus driver I met outside and as I was coming out he had got an appointment there and then and he was coming in.  He was a happy camper for sure.

We have Saints for all kinds of things.

Patron saint of Ireland S.Patrick

England has St.George

Travelers have St.Christopher

Lost property St. Anthony

Hopeless cases St.Jude

I lost my credit card holder a week ago, high and low St.Anthony said 'Its where you left it'

No help that fella. 

So I looked for around 2 hours and then there it was on top of a box of business cards under a perpetual motion thing. Do you know that you can buy fobs that can track your car, your suitcase, and your credit card holder for under €20. 

Not a bad idea. I had one for my keys once.

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