Wednesday, June 07, 2023

A toxic man

 I picked him up on the North Strand going to Ballsbridge.

I asked if I should turn right at the 5 lamps and he said yes.

Just a tip for you, its better to go straight on and turn left on Shirreff St and left again to go back up to the bridge. But the man had spoken.

He had worked at construction in New York and he was really like a poisoned version of Danny DeVito.

"Why do all you drivers go on with this shite. Put it on a record and play it at home, kos no one wants to hear it" Then he would go back to normal again.

The ligts from the 5 lamps over the new bridge are crap. 1or 2 cars with each change of lights.

Then he fixated on the meter. "You needn't think that I am going to pay that."

But alas in the end I asked for €20 on a €22 journey.

Then he wanted a receipt. No worries all is Kosher.

That man is doing nothing but making problems for himself.

A driver had a job once and the passenger made a complaint that he was overcharged.

He complained to the carriage office who did the journey in a special car with a meter on board.

They got on to the driver and told him that he overcharged the man.

Please give me the date and I will have a think about it and see what it might be.

Ah yes said the taxi driver. That was a bank holiday Monday  Rate 2

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