Monday, June 26, 2023

Great news

 Today my son passed the taxi test !

This means that I can rent the taxi plate to him and retire.

He has done the test around 6 times and failed by just a small percentage points a few times.

So now I look forward to a few days and weeks off at last.

Argos have packed up and gone home to the UK.

|A while ago I stopped for a Nigerian lady with a baby and a fridge. The fridge did not work and she was bringing it back to Argos. She had the baby was around 6 months old in a sling and the baby was singing its little heart out. I had to ask the mom if it was not Tina Turner having come back. The mom said that this baby is the happiest child in the world. 
In Argos the manager would not send out a trolley to bring the fridge back into the shop. She was some strong lady and she gave him a right rollicking, then they gave her the money and took it back from her. 
You never know who you are dealing with that was no way to deal with a customer even if you job is going.

This is the problem when you buy goods from shops which are closing down. No after sales service.
Any proper business would deliver and collect faulty goods.

Coved and Brexit and Amazon have hit a lot of businesses badly.

When was the last time you went into a shoe shop?

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