Friday, August 18, 2023

A letter from the Garda commissioner

 So I went over to the test centre to renew my licence and he checked it out. "Where is your insurance certificate?" Well I could show him the insurance disc from the windscreen and I had a letter from the insurance company showing the cover, duration and 100 other things. 

No they had to have the certificate.

I said that I could drop home and be back within the hour. Then I heard the most laughable statement of the week.

"If you had come into the office 20 minutes before your appointment we would have allowed you to go home, but not now. So pay another €50 and come back on Monday.

As a wise taxi driver once said. You can't fight it. Just suck it up and move on.

So as I was going through my papers I found 2 letters from the office of the Garda commissioner.

Written in August 2022.

I was going to Heuston station from the Phoenix park direction and I was pulled in at the lights about to turn left There is a place on the right where they look after mentally handicapped people. On my left there was a coloured man with a tall mentally handicapped girl. The guy put his arm over her right shoulder and he fondled her right breast. She squirmed and the lights changed. Instead of going for Heuston I went straight on and over by the jail and back around to the St. John of Gods facility. Looked for them for 10 minutes and asked 5 or 6 people to find who was in charge. No one could direct me to an office. So I wrote a letter to the head of management and got no reply. Then I wrote to 2 other care facilities in Palmerstown and St.Marys in the park

4 visits to the Garda stations .and the best that they could say was. "We could do nothing unless we caught him in the act". Not much chance if they won't take an enquiry.

Anyhow last year a huge sex scandal was uncovered in Palmerstown. Was it my man?

The special needs people deserve protection as a right. Not ignoring letters and endangering those in the care of whoever was in charge.

If I was in charge I would bring in a law that states. If you get a complaint of cruelty or sexual advances being made about someone in your care or control and you do not act on that information you will be fined €80,000.

So tonight I put the letters from the top brass and shred them.

Well at least I tried 

So now I will just suck it up.

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