Monday, August 14, 2023

Well Well Well

 Well everything is going at a snails pace for me.

My sons paperwork is in the system 3 or 4 weeks now.

I went to renew my taxi licence and with the holidays and delays with the NCT the licence had lapsed and the powers that be have charged me a fee of €500 to renew the licence. OUCH.I will check it when I can.

I had all my documents in a little folder. Driving licence, 3 credit cards, bus pass and health cover card. I had them in the kitchen to get on with the business. Guess what ? they are all gone.

St Anthony must be on his holidays as he has not found them for me. I went to 3 banks today and asked for new cards. Banks have changed so much in the last 10 years. I have been with 3 banks which closed the doors. It is such a pain in the ass tracing the direct debits and stopping payments which are coming in.

By the way look up a thing called a Tile on Amazon. Its a fob which allows you to track your phone, your wallet or your suitcase. The more upmarket ones work worldwide. One Canadian passenger was at the airport waiting for his bag. He went on to the app and was able to tell the airline that his bag was in terminal 4 in Toronto. Lots of hire cars have 2 trackers one hidden the other visible. (Good thinking Boy Robin)

There are saints for every occasion, St Patrick for the Irish St. George for the English 

The patron saint of lost property St. Anthony

Not forgetting St. Fiacre the patron saint of taxi drivers.

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