Saturday, October 28, 2023

Trick or treat ???

It is a strange custom Halloween.

An Irish thing that has gone worldwide.

I will be turning back my clocks tonight. The reason is that it will be brighter for the kids going to school.

But when I change the clocks I always remember a journey from the Hilton at Earlsfort Terrace to the airport.

I was reading the newspaper and the porter came out and blew his whistle like a madman, I moved forward but before I had stepped out of the car he threw the suitcases into the back. "Airport" came the order, no please or thank you. 

3 minutes later the woman screams out. "Wars your fucking game? I want to go to the airport not a sight seeing tour" 

The proper way to deal with this situation is to go to go down a side street and throw them out.

I will be happy forever that I held my course.

They were arguing like 2 dogs  growling at each other.

We arrived at the airport "That will be £19.00" I hope you left enough time for your flight sir.

Corse I av ya fuckin moron. 

Its just that change in the hour really fucked up my whole day.

Wats ya takin about?  The clocks went forward an hour last night.

The look on his face was like I had hit him, His expression went through the whole range.

Some call is Karma. But whatever it is it is great.

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