Thursday, October 19, 2023

Your wealth is your health

 My wife is still sick Sciatica is the problem and we now enter week 8 with not much relief. We have been to 5 different hospitals and she is now on very powerful pain killers.

Still the end is in sight but I cannot work, I am her butler.

I would like to tell you some more about Chuck Feeney. There is a book called "The billionaire who wasn't by Colm O'Cleary. Worth a read.

A friend of mine went to San Fran Cisco and when he came back he called me and said. John I have 2 questions for you. Do you know everyone in the world? Not yet I said.

How the hell do you know Chuck Feeney? I was having dinner with the great man and he put down his fork. Do you know a taxi driver in Dublin called Paul Malone?

I said that I knew you well and he asked me how you were keeping. He sends you his warmest best wishes. Its a small world for sure.

One thing he told me and this is the time of year. Do your taxes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Death and taxes, you cannot avoid either.

I see that my book "The steering wheel university" was in the Amazon sale.

Many successful people connect with the ordinary man man to man. Chuck Feeney for one 

Arnold Clarke the biggest independent car dealer in Europe, Stephen Spielberg went to great lengths to disguise his identity. The guy who founded Google (Before we knew what Google was)He was an interesting man .I should have twigged as he had a private jet waiting for him at the airport. There was many more that I missed.

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