Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Quote of the decade

 My poor wife is suffering from Sciatica. A severe pain in her back. 

We went to 4 hospitals and quite  a few doctors then she had an operation in the Blackrock clinic. (Very Posh). There was a lot of problems and the drugs she was put on and some were Opioids. 

I tell you for sure that your health is your wealth. 

She rang the clinic daily with her problem side effects until one day a nurse told her quite bluntly.

"We are not a hospital we are accident and emergency only"

We used to have a recording device on the phone. I would love to play that back to the radio programe.

Anyhoo as they say in Canada I am a nurses aid now and have not worked in 7 weeks. 

Wow but its tough.

No Mon, No fun, Your son.

No Mon ? Too bad  Your dad.

My lad passed his test to drive the taxi so I am putting it in his name on the books.

But is anything simple? My taxi passed the suitability test in an electrical blackout at the time and they couldn't print out the disc. Now the NSAI wants another €50 to print out the discs even though they have been paid for it.

Greedy power hungry people

If you read here is one for you

George J Mitchell The negotiator,

He brokered peace in N.Ireland and the Middle East

My book is available on Amazon. Just like my book The Steering Wheel University

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