Friday, July 25, 2008

Back for a few days

Unusual flora.

Flat roofs and white houses.
Welcome to Lanzarote.
Well I was there and back for a week of sunshine. All the rain was getting me down and after we left the weather picked up.
Dublin in sunny weather is the best place in the world, never too hot and few mosquito's.
When I travel the mozzies come for miles to feed on my blood, this is good for them but bad for me.
In Lanzarote there is a constant wind from the Atlantic which blows the mosquito's off the island, I was not bitten once a big plus for me.
One thing about holidays is the food, it's not great.
Cold food on cold plates,you ask them to stick it in the oven for 5 minutes...20 minutes you get it back colder than when you sent it back.Or if you say this chicken is raw they take it away and try and make you pay for it even though it never came back again."You got the chicken!"

Its no use complaining but to add insult to injury they have sales people hijacking people on the footpath to come in.

That money would be better spent on finding out that not everyone likes cold chips or cold deep fried roast potatoes, or even raw chicken. If the did a little bit of research they would fill the place every night 3 sittings per table easily.

Well there's me back only a day.
I got home around 2am and when I went to get milk in the local garage I found out I had a flat battery. I am lucky in that my car has a keyhole so I could get in and plug in the charger, a flat battery in some modern cars is a real problem, even so I had problems getting access to the boot where the battery is housed.

Still when I hit the button in the morning we were firing on all cannons.The wonder of modern science.

Through my broken day one posh lady from Mount Merrion sticks in my mind.. spoke about this and that then when we were getting out e12.60....Sorry I only have a e50 I hope thats not a problem for you.... No problem and I was handing her the change from e50 when she hands me e50 with some change, look driver you should (Every taxi driver knows what came next)
have given me e40 I gave her another e20 and I would SWEAR she never gave me back the e10.. so a free ride home and a few bob in her pocket as well.

I saw a piece of paper on the back seat after she got out, so I picked it up. A receipt,it was from her hairdressers...e135 Stone the crows! her makeover was not worth anything like that.

A guy walks into a barber, "I'll tell you what I want, I will give you $1,000 if you could make my hair look like yours"

So the barber shaved off his own hair!!!!!

The drugs war has been going on I believe there was 3 shootings last weekend.

There was a sentence handed down in that big cocaine smuggling case e440 million,3 guys got a total of 85 years jail..The old judge had loads to say...You were not addicts, just in it for the money, etc. etc.

To me the strange part was that it only came to light when some twit put Diesel into the outboard motors of one of the landing craft,she was overloaded and capsized,,,only then did anyone suspect that one of the biggest drug seizures in Irish history was going to happen.

I said it at the time the Colombian cartel don't do 30 day credit, all that money was cash up front to buy the drugs.

How could so much cash move without being seen?

I would love to allow my nephew to go through their computers for a week...He is a forensic computer analyst.

He makes a good living.(Hello David)

So I'm back and rearing to go.


  1. Thats a very pretty Bird Of Paradise in the first image.

  2. Nice photos. I always found the most enjoyable & affordable places were far from the tourist attractions. Even here, where tourists are in season all year it seems, there are so many places off the beaten track and very enjoyable.