Saturday, July 12, 2008

Google yourself

Street entertainment on the trapeze.

Good HQ to rent, sign of recession?

I went back to see what the people were looking for when they found my site,
Hookers, Polish hookers, street walkers,How much from city to Malahide?, to Crumlin?
How to become a taxi driver and so on.

Must be the link to prostitution over there on the right.
One punter told me I was a pervert for carrying advertising for prostitutes, I just said she should read it and the one on slavery while she is at it.

Never saw her again.So many people jump in with both feet.

Everyone here have been glued to the radio here for the last few weeks searching for news of the Las Vegas hit man, the wife "Lying eyes 69"who took out a contract to have her boyfriend and his 2 sons whacked "Whacked".
The hit man ( then tried to have his victims "buy back the contract"

There was also an informer,who had a full "get out of jail free card from the FBI".

Well The wife is locked up in Mountjoy prison now.
She had to get a doctor in to give her something to calm her nerves for the first night.
Lets hope she doesn't have Internet connection though!
The Las Vegas poker dealer/hit man/blackmailer also went down.

One thing of great interest was how every e mail, every search on the net. every phone cal to the hit man was on their computers, going back months,their records were presented to the jury.
I had better wipe my hard drive.

Remember the story of the taxi with the cardboard sign on his taxi?

Well I found the story.

The poor old school children can't get summer jobs.
Well perhaps their attitude to work might have something to do with it. So few bosses will call round to get them up out of bed and bring them in (around 2 PM would be OK).
Then they need all the other things like 45 min break every hour and someone else to do the job that they were asked to do.
Add to that, they need to be paid whether they turn up or not.The boss should not get cross if they take Mondays off all the time.

This is why the jobs went to the Polish people in the first place.

Some people collect things,stamps,matchboxes,vintage cars, wine,magic props etc.
On e collector of magic Jay Marshall died and his collection was sold off on 2 lots the first half made $346,650.
I have copies of 2 of his lots.
Harry Houdini, "King of cards"Poster which sold for $11,000
And the "Traveling magician: by John Rogers a Statuette....$6,500

You can have the 2 photos, click on them to enlarge.
I really don't see the point in paying top dollar for something when you can buy a memento copy for only a few bucks...less of a headache when it comes to insurance too.

I may not know much about art but I know what I like.

Had a customer who bought a replica Rolex watch in Hong Kong, he gave it to a buyer in a store that he was friendly with.
But he didn't say it was a replica!.
The other guy was so grateful until a while later he asked him for the guarantee card as he was having a problem with the watch.
Now the guy had a real problem,he had to get the watch back and buy a real Rolex watch..He couldn't come clean at that point as it would be a real insult.
This cost him dearly.

So you must be careful when you try to fool people, you could be fooling yourself.

Didn't work all weekend, guess I will be broke for my holidays.

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  1. Even if you scrub the drives there's still enough on them for a forensic tech to bring it back up. I've a good friend that owns a software company that has a division that does that for police all over the world. Amazing to watch:)