Tuesday, July 01, 2008

4th July

This structure covers a gas structure along the quays,does nothing for me.

This will be what our next newest bridge will look like.
It is designed by that famous Catalan architect Calatrava.Sam Beckett bridge.

I almost ran out of petrol the other day, but after dropping off my passenger I made it to the station,just about .
There was a fantastic BMW parked beside me and we had a bit of banter.
It was a diplomatic car(cd plates) and it was bullet proof and bomb proof I think this is the car, if the driver was to be believed the cost of a set of tires would buy my car.
He told me that when the car came in from Germany and it was being prepared for delivery a worker at the garage pressed the "do not press this button" and blew the windows out of the car!!!!!!!!!
Its a safety feature in case you can't get out in an emergency situation.

It weighs over 4 tonnes.I shudder to think what the mpg would be like.

Man but its wet tonight and I am typing this at home.
the ranks are swelling with taxis more every day and its getting harder to get on the ranks.
One good thing about the Prius is that it is not so painful to cruise around looking for work.

Got a run out to the airport from a guy who is in poletics in Nigeria, he told me a lot about the corruption which went on over the years in his country, but now they are cleaning up things and soon he hopes life will be better.

Nigeria is rich in oil and many minerals and it should be a rich country,somehow the revenue is getting diverted..

On the way home there was a big funeral in the graveyard beside the airport but I got a fare from Santry which eased the pain of driving back empty, she was going to the dentist ouch.

The powers that be have decided that the drinking establishments should all close at the same time so instead of people coming on to the streets over a 3 hour period everyone will decend on the ranks together.

They won't be too happy on hearing the full time whistle either.

If God didn't want us to drink he wouldn't have made us alcaholics!

If you are in Dublin don't forget the vintage car show in Terenure college on Sunday.
Hope this rain stops though.

Happy 4th of July to my American readers.
They are kinda shocked that we treat this as a normal day when they come here, I was in Boston this day last year, its a real big celebration.


  1. Some Americans are shocked to find they speak languages other than English in many countries too. Of all the peoples of the industrialized world, I believe those in North America to be the least knowledgeable about their own countries, let alone 'overseas' places. Really sad.

  2. Almost forgot, I love his designs. A really neat looking bridge that won't overpower its surroundings.