Monday, August 24, 2009

Daily news Daily blues

The usual doom and gloom in the papers,3 guys from Portugal got killed in a crash with a truck.
A student kills his friend and stabs his X girlfriend and another flatmate before killing himself, all people from the better areas of town and all third level students.

Then a railway bridge collapses just after the train passed. That was a lucky one, had the train fallen into the estuary in the morning rush hour there would have been hundreds killed. The bridge was inspected last week!
One very plausible explanation I heard was that the viaduct is built on sand and it is used to transport copper ore to Dublin port, that train weighs 800 tonnes, so subsidence is a certainty.

The dock workers held a protest today, they are employed by a British company who want to outlaw unions on the docks. An English company operating an Irish port and telling Irish workers that they have no right to be in a union? I don't think so.
Next thing they will be bringing in stevedores from Mexico (or some other low paid country)and paying them the rate they would get in Mexico.
They have been on strike for a good few weeks now though.

As the end of the month approaches there is a change in the air.
There is a coolness now and the days are getting shorter.
Though we have had a few dry days.
The first of the pupils are arriving in Dublin to start the new year.
With all that's going on in the workplace a lot of people are going back to get PHDs and higher diplomas in education.

A World conference on Cancer is being held in Dublin now,staggering statics are being bandied about about how much money is being spent in the fight against cancer worldwide. In spite of this Cancer will be the biggest killer in the world next year.

Every day it would be easy to moan about how business is bad, but as long as you have your health and your family are well,little else matters.
Follow the link on the r/h side to the Irish Times newspaper to read more about the conference.

By Wednesday I should have my photo software sorted out.
Must take some photos

The way things are going I wil lbe starting a blog about painting, or fittting locks.

I got a phone call from Ruairi O'Connor Magician to go to the airport he is going off to Spain to do a show.
Lucky for me he did not vanish before I got paid.

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