Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New faces

Did you ever see this work of art between Finglas and Cabra ?
Very native American

Hubs for wind turbines standing at Dublin docks.

Introducing Shaun who has opened a late night convenience store on Aimiens St,
Just beside the Chipper under the railway bridge.


Now if you are a Dublin taxi driver a note for you.

This year is the 50th taxi drivers special outing.

If you have a Yellow Cab,vintage car or a vehicle of note don't exclude yourself from coming.

The procession will be led by the lord mayor and the Garda band.

8th of September.

Bobby Sheridan 086 8432175 PRO
Johnny Walker 086 0846464
Mick Sheridan 087 2559875
Tom Colgan 087 2496965
Paddy Cullen 086 3854660
Brendan Cunningham 087 2496810

Those are the numbers,
You can give a hand or sponsor a cab.
Even join us for the day!

I do hope Ms Doyle will join us as well.

One thing that often happens is that the press don't pick up on the good story.
Pity that.

Only bad news is goon news for them!

Funny thing the other day,
Picked up a lady with 2 big kids going to Pierce st.
en route I spoke about what we were passing, as you do.
As we approached Windmill Lane where the U2 studios were I asked the girl in the front seat if they had ever seen the street, "We just want to get to our hotel, not a scenic drive" came the mothers voice from the back seat.
Well if you know the area it would have been 20 yards out of their way.
What do you do? Be rude and abrupt or show people points of interest that they might be missing?
Like the Winter Gardens just beside the Holiday Inn?
(look in the next time your passing)

A whole street built under glass.

Where the street has no rain.

Did they know Google was just up the road?.

Things have a way of coming back I feel, something called Karma.

On the way down is Liam Carroll the first spectacular developer to hit the fan.
(Landlord of Google)
Don't know how bad it is but its over 1.2 billion euro in the red.
This will cause a landslide in the property prices.

Did you see that hotel collapse into the river the other night in China?
That was nothing compared with what will tumble here in the next few months.

Just a mention of the girl I brought home from Barcode a few weeks ago now.

Started work at 14 sweeping up the hair in the salon and doing shampoos, her boss was an alcoholic who used to come into work drunk in the mornings and go to sleep in the back of the shop.
So she was soon pressed into doing more work than she was ready for but she learned fast.
It was a good lesson to learn when still so young, that drink can ruin your life.

Now she is the most qualified stylist in her salon and she was off to work with Vidal Sasoon in London for a week starting Monday.

Hairdressing is a good trade, a good stylist can name their price.
And travel the world.
I know of one salon owner in Dublin who was hair fashion adviser to 2 magazines and he did fashion shows and photo shoots all the time.
At night his exclusive clients used to come to the salon when they would not be recognized. Not a bad life at all Frank.

Oh yes and we got Ikea

Here is a repeat by popular demand One night on earth, Benigni.


  1. Anonymous3:07 PM

    i love your blog - will be in Dublin again tomorrow, maybe one day I'll end up in the back of the cab! Keep up the good work...

  2. Well thanks for the visit,once a girl got into the taxi and after a while she asked me a question."This will sound strange if its not you,but do you write a blog on the internet?"
    I said I did and do you know she hardly said another word.
    Really weird trip that was.
    Hope the day went well
    Thanks for the comment John