Monday, August 17, 2009

Donnington Park

Well I am just back in Dublin after a Ryianair flight to East Midlands airport, then a taxi ride to Donnington Park to have a Ferrari driving experience.
If you go there take the Audi R8 instead,I noticed that the Ferrari's were easily overtaken by the Lotis and Aston Martins.
We got a taxi from the airport £8 and drove up to the paddocks where the event was being held.
It is great to see groups of high powered cars revving up and roaring past on the track.
I got a drive in 2 Ferrari 360s one manual and one automatic, the gears were awkward on the manual as it had 6 forward gears and I Had to keep looking down to see which gear I was in.
One other thing that would have helped would be that the instructor just told me to change down or up.
With go to forth as an instruction,I had to look. Change up or down to forth would be better.

One thing I remember from the talk at the beginning is that because there no trees or houses close to the track you get the impresssion that you are going slow when you might be doing over 150mph.

Anyhow I will have to go back again in a couple of years to try again.

As for David my son, he had a ride in a Lotis, the racing driver wes from Cork and he wellied it down the track skidding around the corners overtaking all the "Quality"cars as he went.

David will remember that ride for many a day.

Well worth the trip, a great day out.

Then we walked to the racing car museum which is a good mile from the paddocks.

What a collection of vintage and modern bikes,cars and memorabilia.

Portraits adorn the walls, Senna,Fangio,Mansel and Coultard etc.

Sad to see Barry Sheenes helmet with his lucky duck in a display case.

Then when we left the place we pulled a stroke, we walked into the park and ride place across the road and took the shuttle from there back to the airport

From the airport the Skylink bus brought us into Nottingham 2 people return £7'
Not each, Both for £7

Leave an hour each way for the journey.

Then a chance to see Nottingham castle and the Oldest Inn in Britain.

The Trip To Jerusalem founded in 1189.
Called the trip because the Crusaders used to have one last pint before going off on the Crusades to take the Holy Land back from the Arabs.

So back to to the airport and Dublin.

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So when I get the other computer up and working I will show the photos.

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