Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back to the rain !

Just in case you thought for any minute that Greece will pay back its debts to the EU.
Let me tell you that Greece is broke !

It's that simple.

There is no money there !
I never saw any country in need of a shake up as Greece is.
(Well perhaps Ireland 50 years ago)

So on the morning we set off we got a taxi to the airport and arrived in plenty of time. Before we checked in I had to eat a sandwich and drink my water. My partner started to talk to a girl who was going to Holland, the conversation went on, then the bombshell hit. Her destination was not Amsterdam but Rwanda !
She was due to do a project there for the summer.
She had missed the first leg of her journey !
I brought her to the Ryanair desk to see if she could get another flight?. NO.
Then a mad dash to terminal 2 to see if Aer Lingus would oblige ? NO

Checkmate ! game over. She would have to wait until the travel company she booked with opened at 9.30. By which time her empty seat would be flying off to Africa.

She had moved her belongings out of her apartment for the summer and somehow forgot about her passport until the last minute.
Thinking about it all the project would most likely have to be shelved unless someone could come up with e 1,500 for another ticket not booked in advance.
Still she didn't cry so I bought her breakfast and went back to terminal one.

2 things which I noticed about terminal 2. there was 12 dirty tables in the eating area! The tables which were cleared had crumbs and smears of gunge on them !
When the lady came to clear the tables eventually she flicked the dirt on to the seats and floor instead of gathering them on to the hand or on to the cloth.

Not a good impression for the visitor at all.
Then to get back to terminal one for me took a good 25 minutes because there are no signs. Now 10 minutes delay at an airport could have a big impact on your life.

Then off we went.
Corfu is 2 Kms from Albania at its closest point.
The runway is small and quite short. You come down as if you are in an elevator.
150 floors, down down down First floor and you shoot forward and bounce 3 times on to the runway.

Everyone breaks into applause!

I am afraid he might take off again and do an encore.

Still I had a great mornings work today and a beautiful Volley ball player from Brazil told me I was the best taxi driver she ever met.
You know most guys love Brazilian volley ball players.Look here

Life is short ENJOY
A good start to my working week.

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