Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Festivals are go

The weekwnd brings deaths from motor crashes, last year I went down to Cork and Kerry and saw people driving on the motorway with both elbows on the wheel.
Texting is the one I hate.
If you are squemish or have lost someone recently do not watch this video.

Well we don't always have a chance to see how our actions might cause a ripple effect which can ruin so many lives. I wonder could they do an anti smoking advert like that.!

Just so you know I am still driving I stopped at the lights on East Wall Rd the other night. A drunk indicated that he was going to Swords. "Look I have a pick up to do now, but I will bring you to the fire station, (which is on the main rd) I won't charge you."
"Youse fuckin taxi drivers allways complaining how thers no work, and you turn down a fare to Swords?" Now no amount of argument of how I couldn't be in 2 places at once, or that I would be dropping him on the main road. Idiots like him could put you in a bad mood.
Still the rest of the people were great.

Glasses part 2
So there I was I paid around €350 for glasses which were no good and I had now smashed my old pair. So I went to an indapendant optician who measured me up.
The new specs arrived. They were PERFECT.
So I brought the perscription into Specsavers optician and asked him to compare it with the one thay had for me.
"Well if you have new glasses now so it dosen't matter"
I said the glasses he gave me were wrong and I wanted my money back.

This I was told would not happen !

A good while after that I went to another optician from Specsavers with a letter for the HQ of the orgisation.
In the letter I said that the Specsavers optician in the Omni center would not deal with the problem and I wanted Specsavers to fulfill their promise as stated in their adverts. "If you are not happy with your glasses you get a new eye test and new free glasses"
This had not happened.
A week later the guy who would not budge rang me to say. "If you ever need new glasses again I will look after you"

When hell freezes over was my thoughts.

So you see I am painting myself into a corner here !

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